Photos by Boyu Li

This past Sunday we hosted the latest event in our monthly DUAL:DUEL series, pairing 7x World DJ Champ Vekked along with Drummer Jonathan Marks (Monakr, Rogue Vogue). The duo had never met before, or created music together. What resulted was an improv performance where the skill and prowess of both performers was put to the test song after song. After a warm up set where Jon's poly-rhythms were laced by Vekked's dexterous cuts, the two launched into an uptempo Afro Latin jam with Loops & Vocals sourced from Vekked's latest scratch record. With the room whipped up into a frenzy, they moved through various genres and sounds, from Swing Jazz to Boom Bap to G-Funk. 

The event format lends itself error and missteps, but despite any imperfections or rawness the music created was undeniably dope. As they learned each other's style and tested their limits, the songs began to take life into full-fledged compositions. It's exciting to see Turntables being used as a musical instrument, and we're looking forward to pushing the boundaries again in September. The official Audio & Video from the Vekked / Jonathan Marks session will be available soon. Be sure to subscribe & follow our channels for the 1st look!