Something we’ve always believed in here at DANJ HQ is ‘success through creativity.’ That as creative individuals, we can achieve success by nurturing and applying our talents. Art can be a vital expressive force, a viable means of sustaining yourself, and a valuable contribution to society.

So if that’s the goal, how do we arrive there?


A simple action we can employ day to day, moment to moment. No matter the medium or discipline. The power of creatives lies in the act of creating. Making something out of nothing. Bringing a concept to life. Manifesting a vision. And by living our truth, we provide our expression the authentic environment it needs to flourish, to create the lives we want.

LIVE creative. LIVE your art. LIVE your truth.

We invite you to join us along with Chicago’s creative community for a LYT Experience, and live your truth on the dancefloor! Music by DJs Scend, Decept, & K.Sity. Photo installation featuring the work of Kay V, and her shoots with guests of the DANJ podcast. And as an exclusive pre-release bonus, our recent LYT 6-panel hat will be available in limited quantities!

Oh, and free elotes while they last! Details below.

(Contact us at info (at) djsarenotjukeboxes.com for more info on how to join the movement!)